Bidding Highlights: Local Firms, Under Budget.

Bids have been accepted and work is about to begin at Gordon, Hughes, and at the High School. Among the three projects, there were 18 packages contractors could bid on. The District received:

  • 96 bids for work at Gordon
  • 71 bids for work at Hughes
  • 29 bids for work at the High School site and Elementary playgrounds

That’s an average of 10.8 bids per package!¬†Because of a favorable bidding climate, some alternate bids were accepted to enhance the project over what was promised in the bond, and STILL remain under budget.¬†Twenty-eight contracts were awarded:

  • 61% went to firms located 35 miles or less from the District
  • 83% of construction costs go to companies located 35 miles or less from the District

For a list of contractors awarded by project, see this related page:

Awarded Projects